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Core Business

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Through the collaboration with Tianda (China) Limited and Tianda Group (Australia) Pty Ltd, Tianda Group primarily engages in the investment and development of the Pu’er Tea industry and fast-moving consumer goods businesses. The group takes Yunnan Pu’er Tea Developments Limited, its wholly-owned subsidiary as platform, forging the new brand of Pu’er tea “Yunpufa”. It is engaged in research and development as well as sales of Pu’er tea products series including traditional Pu’er tea, health-preserving Pu’er tea and innovative fast-consuming Pu’er tea, leading the trend of “Yunpufa afternoon tea” and “Yunpufa Tea Life”. The Group has established Australian’s high quality natural spring water brand “Blue Valley” and wine brand “Opal Valley”. It is devoted to establish a global business network prioritizing with quality and mutual benefit.

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The Group develops the business through Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited listed on the mainboard of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“Tianda Pharmaceuticals”, stock code: 455.HK), in accordance with the following development strategies: development of traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) as its foundation, development of innovative drugs and medical technologies, as well as development of high-quality medical and healthcare services. Tianda Pharmaceuticals is committed to becoming a pharmaceutical enterprise with competitive advantages and a sound value chain in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, TCM treatment, as well as health management. Tianda Pharmaceuticals develops the Chinese medicine business from a whole industrial chain perspective, including the establishment of the modern Chinese medicine clinic - TDMall, striving to become the leading brand of Chinese medicine clinic. Tianda Pharmaceuticals offers a wide range of products, including Chinese medicines, chemical drugs, biological products, health products and medical appliances, that treat cardio-cerebrovascular disease, paediatric disease, influenza and respiratory disease, infection, addiction, cancer, etc., as well as health products under the self-owned brand “Herb Valley” and “Tuokang”.

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Colour Printing and Creative Media

Through Tianda Culture Holdings (China) Limited which is listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock code: 837889 ), Tianda Group is primarily engaged in operation and development of culture and creative industries including colour printing and packaging, creative design, brand media and children’s books. Zhuhai SEZ Cheng Cheng Printing Co Limited and Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co Limited, which are subsidiaries of Tianda Culture, are the leading colour printing and packaging companies in Zhuhai and Yuxi respectively. They have been the cigarette packaging suppliers for the subsidiaries of China National Tobacco Corporation, including China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co Limited. Tianda Creative Limited, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianda Culture, is dedicated to building the “Tianda Creative Cloud”, aiming to provide one-stop creative design services from online to offline. Tianda Culture actively participates in the strategy of “The Growing of the Great Brand” to become a total solution provider for brand media services. Using the brand “Wide-Eyed Bird”, the company publishes both original works and introduces copyright works, aiming to establish “Tianda Children’s Books” as a multi-business and multi-dimensional operation system. Tianda Culture keeps abreast of pulse of the times and the latest technology and trends, with an aim of creating a legend of cultural revitalization.

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Property Development

Tianda Group rides on the opportunity of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Strategy to develop real estate and crafts a premium commercial-residential complex. The first residential project “Tianheng.Bayview” of Zhuhai Tianheng Properties Limited, a subsidiary of the Group, is located at Tangjiawan, Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai. It stands a site of 36,000 square metres with a gross floor area of 45,000 square metres. With our professional real estate team and the dedicated alignment with Tianda Group’s core business, we will work closely with renowned architects and quality construction companies, in order to develop a modern residential property in the Greater Bay Area integrated with ecology, health, artificial intelligence, culture and convenience. Tianda Group has invested in a Pu’er tea-themed project “Bay View·Pu’er Tea Land”, which features “Pu’er Tea” experience model by Pu’er tea warehousing and trading, tasting experience, culture and creativity as well as health-preserving delicacies. The project is expected to shapes a brand new commercial pattern and brand influence of Pu’er tea, with the aim of helping Pu’er tea to go global, capitalizing on the “One Belt One Road” opportunity.


Resources and Environment

Tianda Group participates in this area through Tianda Resources Limited and Tianda Environment Limited. Tianda Resources is mainly engaged in the mineral and energy’s geological exploration and exploitation of phosphorus, coal, iron, copper, lead and zinc mines in China. The company’s phosphorous mine in Jinyuan, Xundian County, Yunnan province is suitable for development of fine phosphorus chemical business given its abundant reserves and prime geographical location. Located at Xijia Village, Huize County, Yunnan Province, the Shuangshitou Lead, Zinc & Copper exploration block is adjacent to the Huize Lead and Zinc deposit, the first vast Lead and Zinc deposit in Asia. Both of them belong to the same metallogenic belt and have the same metallogenic conditions, and great prospecting potential. Moreover, the Group is in cooperation with China National Coal Group in the investment of coal field exploitation, electricity generation, as well as coal chemical projects in Qingyang, Gansu province. This is in line with China’s energy strategy moving westward, with a promising prospect. Tianda Group has also made environmental investments, endeavoring to become a total solution and services provider of environmental issues covering soil, water resources, atmosphere monitoring and management. Tianda Environment endeavors to promote environmental protection in China by working closely with domestic and overseas leading environmental technology services organizations. In the company’s carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization project in Zhungeer, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the geological exploration and preliminary feasibility studies have been completed. Upholding professional and stringent management standards, Tianda Resources and Tianda Environment make restless efforts to become a modern resources and environmental enterprise setting its footholds in China while seeking to expand around the world.


Financial Services

Tianda Group develops the business through its subsidiary Tianda Financial Limited. Tianda Financial, through its subsidiaries namely Tianda Securities Limited, Tianda Asset Management Limited and Tianda Capital Limited, primarily engaged in securities booking, corporate finance, asset management, strategic investment. By leveraging Tianda Group’s successful involvement in different industries and the strengths of its network, Tianda Financial connects to the Chinese and international markets, dedicating to provide value-added services to customers and partners.

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